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Can there be Liberty in so-called Liberal India?

admin Saturday April 6, 2013

The structural, docile and behavioral order of illiberalistic Indian mobs are psychedelically infected as well as infatuated with socialism and materialistic modernization. Thanks to the omnipotence and omnipresence of fascistic Indian State for architecturing the fragile system that guarantees collective rights over individual rights. Therefore, it is reformatory legitimate for me to stringently and rightly point out that the modernly dressed Indian mobs are obligingly in deficit or lack the possession of attitude of free-thinking, fearless skepticism against State and Socialism, and consciousness of liberty and free-market. Through this exposition, I, therefore, intent to not only infuse the concept of Liberty in the minds of so-called Social Democrats of Independent India who willfully and coercively pay taxes to their corruptible and indubitable Indian Government since 1947 but to also critically highlight the foundation behind this creative destructionism of the violent Indian state constitutionally driven by the ‘animal spirit’.

Liberty, I exposit, is the founding father of an open society. Without a free and open society, the political, social, cultural and economical progresses are not possible. I, empirically, do not think that Independent India is a nation with open society, because the status of Indian citizenship is peculiarly based on coercion than on contract. For any Individual to prosper in all ways, contract not coercion is necessary. I have developed few sharp questions that rightly and conclusively briefs out that India is a nation with closed society. They are as follows:

1) I don’t know why, in an Independent and Republic India, the Indian populace are repeatedly told or reminded about freedom and democracy?

2) I don’t know why the lengthiest written Indian constitution that succinctly talks about some handsome and beautiful political terms do not conscientally believes in panarchy, collusiveness and voluntaryism?

3) I don’t know why questioning the defense sector of India is considered as an act of indubitability, but it isn’t an act of indubitability anymore when the Indian state itself divulges her defence equipments on every 26th Jan parade?

4) I don’t know why my peculiar support to particular caste is legally called racism, but Indian Government upholding certain caste over another is heroically called reservation?

There are many other issues or questions that you and me can easily and critically ponder over, but the ultimate issue that I think I am ushering is to actually awaken the conscience of many Indian Individuals and their societies to walk the path of freedom, liberty and property than on the toll-taxed roads of tyranny, taxation, red-tapism, illiberalism, socialism, etc. In this structural context, I must unfortunately admit that India as a nation of docile disarmed voters have given birth to a government of armed wolves. Another major problem with socialist India is that the political/economic mobs, not Eccentric Individualist, are blindly obeying with the dynamics of draconian democratic system which are systematically manufacturing the matrix that abhors libertarianism. Such civil obedience will certainly doom the so-called normal and modern life of Indian citizens, sooner or later. Mark my words; ‘the true foundation of civil disobedience is liberty’. The obedient slaves must be the voters who cannot ever grasp the concept of free-trade and free-market because they are highly programmed with stockholm syndrome and cognitive dissonance by their own democratic system.

The significant questions, I pose, to the Indian constitutionalists which will certainly go unanswered:

1) If the human state of individual anarchy is the inherent plight of our common nature and choice is the inevitable dilemma we face, why is the rebel condemned as an outlaw when the crimes of the Indian State are inexorable imperative?

2) Can there be freedom of press, if the instruments of printing are under the control of Indian government?

3) Why do the democratic protestors have to legally seek permission from the police for protesting democratically?

4) Is the freedom of movement really hedonistic for the Indian passengers, if the means are simply the monopolistic public transportation?

Thence, liberty or Individual freedom, I assume, can be only guaranteed in India if the role of Indian Government is limited and also not impossible if the constitutional fabric of India resorts to cellular democracy than welfare democracy for the perfect and holistic execution of economic liberty. Liberty, in my view, isn’t only the political end, but also the economic end. This should be also noted that ‘liberty - with democracy - is socialism’ - therefore - the true moral spirit of Liberty is ‘liberty - with Individual rights’ and it can be the only best form of Liberty the Indian mankind can ever know. Government is neither the mean nor the end in the conceptual and pragmatic comprehension of Libertarianism. Government, I think, is not only a masquerading machine but also the problem to all our solutions.

In my previous article, as linked below, I comparatively and factually pointed out the plight of Anarcho-Capitalism in Somalia which is doing far better than India’s Social Welfarism.

Link :http://indianlibertarians.org/2013/03/02/praxeological-somalian-theory-for-socialist-india/

It is, therefore, morally unjust for the Indian mobs to follow conscienceless laws piled up in the legal system of India. The only way out of this matrix is to embrace liberty as it is the utmost beautiful medicine against coercion, amorality and collectivism. Without freedom, no living being, esoterically and exoterically, can be at peace.