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“I am not at all putrescent.” - Statism

iljaimine Wednesday January 15, 2014
I think, as per the Constitution of India, I am a very dangerous man. Moreover, my misanthropic existence is perilous to the philosophy of statism. This anti-catallacticist system suffers from apoplithorismosphobia. Vociferously speaking, I have no guilt for being an anarchist. I feel pity when I see 51% chickens around me infringing upon the life, liberty and private property of other 49% chickens through democratic means. This democracy functions on the legal exploitation of methodological individualists. These chickens are unready to comprehend that the only way out of this abattoir is to read Mises and Rothbard. In this matrix, ignorance is a choice that the chickens make. They are suffering from stockholm syndrome, and to discourse with them is like administering medicine to a dead person. After reading few of my essays on IL, these chickens have threatened me on legal grounds or on the sedition basis. They call me glutton, and they find me the most corrupted atom in this world. They tend to forget that nobody can hurt my conscience without my permission.  But, anyways, it is my destiny that I belong to the critical minority than siding with the unquestioning majority. How can I debate with these zombies when they cannot even differentiate between libertarianism and libertinism?
Image After all the good things said, I would like to even bring to your notice that this chromatic term called “corruption” has been doltishly defined. Thanks to our education system that indoctrinates irrational thinking. Obviously, it is irrational in nature because the education system is under the monopoly of the government. You will certainly find only theories of a devilish economist named John Maynard Keynes in school/college economics textbooks, and being an academician I openly challenge anyone on this point. Many people view corruption in that sense the media and government wants it to. This argumentative essay is, therefore, an attempt to liberate consciousness of those individuals who are ready to put knowledge above ignorance; for those whom liberty is everything and for those whom free speech possesses no charter on defamation.

When evading taxes is a corruptible activity, why collecting taxes is not corruptible? Taxation is a legal robbery, and even a red ant knows about it. I cannot rob you, because it is illegal. Is it not amoral when the government forcefully infringes upon your savings and investments that unfortunately get raped away by the inflation and their economic policies? May I know why this is legal and incorruptible? And, if murdering you is illegal then why war on you is legal? Isn’t this a corruptible comprehension? By the way, if cigarette tax is meant to discourage smoking then is the income tax meant to discourage working?

Then, they say that coercive corruption is bad. Good. But let me remind them that there is no collusive corruption, in reality. This collusive corruption is a structural massager born out of the abundant conditions termed by the coercive corruption. No doubt to note that no one rules when no one obeys, and it is certainly corruption when obeying the unjust laws. Therefore, obedient voters are more corrupted than the libertines. When bribing is an act of corruption, then what makes inflation to evade the tag of monetary corruption? When central banks are bailed-out due to the deliberate recessions, then what makes bailing-out an act of incorruptibility?

Then, there are#0000ff: socialists or welfarists If socialists think those who believe payment ought to be a voluntary process where individuals subjectively value their preferences sculpted by the market forces like supply and demand are selfish, what does that simply declares its privileges to take money from whoever it wishes for whatever proper it says is justified? Now, these socialists aren’t incorruptible? After a while these anti-capitalists clamour that the spontaneous order - in a free society begets corruption. In this context, I would like to know that why Somalia is called the most corrupted nation in the world, when there is no monopoly over money-supply in this anarchic society? Without government, in this anarcho-capitalist society, how does bribery function? May be these socialists got their third-eye destroyed whilst watching the TV. Anyone who comes between USA and Oil is a terrorist, and there are people around me who believe that the somalian pirates are immediate threat to the mankind. May I know why the nation-states possessing the nuclear weapons in our world are very useful for the human civilization? Why it is not corruption when the system permits an armed government to hold monopoly over everything? Also, what makes this anti-corruption society morally incorruptible when it openly disdains free love?

Now, to talk about free trade, I would like to bring to your notice that the foreign trading becomes crooked when the state intervenes through corruptible mechanisms like fiscal restrictions and quantitative restrictions. Free market believes in exchanging goods and services, whereas a state believes in exchanging wars and bullets. War becomes possible when goods are raided and not traded. What’s your priority?

To defeat the aggressors is not enough to make peace durable. The main thing is to discard the ideology that generates corruption and that ideology is government.