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Praxeological Somalian theory for Socialist India

admin Sunday March 3, 2013

Unfortunately, the ‘running dogs of Occidental neo-imperialism’ constitutionally employed, in the so-called estates of Social Democratic India, have extensively and irrationally imitated the Westminster parliamentary system. It is - therefore - sickening to know the fact that the intuition of ‘human actions’, political creativity and socio-political innovations are highly discouraged, by the Indian collectivism, from the ‘Methodological Individual’ thinkers, residing in Indian society. It is to be commonly understood that the Indian Libertarians, possibly, are more philosophically and politically enlightened than the collective wisdom demonstrated by the Indian communities and the Indian Government. This trend, thus, have underestimated the prudential spirit of Anarcho-Capitalism and Austrian Economics - hence - conceptualizing the character of ‘animal spirit’ in the socioeconomic behavior of omnipresent Indian State and omnipotent Indian Government.

Like the propaganda settings manufactured by the Western Nation-States, the Indian Government also have resorted to act as a ‘masquerading machine’ by incesting with its own populace by defaming, disregarding and disrespecting the political economy of Somalia since the break-up of Soviet Russia. Post-Soviet era, the International system strategized ‘New World Order’ that esoterically dictates ‘be with us or against us’. The political balls demonstrated by Anarchic Somalia to not side with the draconian crony capitalism and ponzi-schemed global financial institutions is/are a very first lesson yet to be learnt by Socialist India, because Somalia is undeniably experiencing progress despite of Anarchy.

The unnecessary Cold War episode, between ‘Burger Socialist’ and ‘Vodka Socialist’, formulated Marxian-Fascism under Siad Barre regime, in Somalia, by late 1960’s till early 1990’s. Before 1960’s, the land of Somalia was imperialized by the European power(s) which later saw secessionism, in the early post-Soviet era, leading to immediate neo-imperialization of newly formed two states, like Somaliland and Puntland, ‘huntingtonially’ punched out of the tribal clashes in Somalia. Moreover, the early 1990’s, Somalia also saw the so-called humanitarian interventionism expectedly organized by debtocratic USA and banana-republic India which fuelled more predicament to the fire. The splendid anarchic revolutionary struggle and self-determinationism by Somalis kicked out the ‘irresponsibly responsible nations’ like USA and India from the geographical constitution of Somalia who now joined by other Western states indirectly confront and harass Somalis by dumping nuclear wastes, etc. The, as usual, state-controlled-media in the so-called open societies of USA, EU and India, etc. have extensively reported on ‘Somali pirates’. These so-called valiant journalists have tremendously failed to think about the trespassing or exploratory exploitation done by the commercialized Western naval forces in the aqua territories of Somalia. I, therefore, believe that not even apodicticity can now justify so-called mentality erupted by Thalassocracy.

Other things being equal, life of Somalis is gradually enriching, in Anarchic Somalia. ‘Facts speak louder than Positivism’:

Parameters                  1992                  2012

Literacy                        25%                   40%

Drinking Water              26%                   24%

Birth Rate                      47                      46

Death Rate                    20                      19

GDP per capita            $220                    $700

Life expectancy          47years                50years

The numbers, as above, obviously, can-not speak the same of that of ‘developing’ Indians, but it is cheering to also note that the Individual freedom or civil liberties enjoyed by Somalis is/are comparatively better than Indians. The economic modernization is also guarding the gun ownership in Somalia, whereas Hitler, Stalin, Obama and Indian Government favour-ed ‘gun control’. You know what I mean.

Comprehensive views of the data that allow pre-anarchy and post-anarchy welfare comparisons suggest that anarchy has improved overall development. Contrary to the typical case, in Somalia social welfare has improved because of, rather than despite, the absence of a central state. Somalia’s government was oppressive, exploitative, and brutal. The extent of this predation created a situation in which social welfare was depressed below the level it could achieve without any government at all. The emergence of anarchy in 1991 opened up opportunities for advancement not possible before government’s collapse. In particular, economic progress and improved public goods provision in critical areas flourished in the absence of a monopolistic and corrupt state. Recognition of this is not to deny that Somalia could be doing much better. It clearly could. Nor is this to say that Somalia is better off stateless than it would be under any government. A constitutionally-constrained state with limited powers to do harm but strong enough to support the private sector may very well do more for Somalia than statelessness.…The relevant question for Somalia’s future is thus whether or not a government, were a stable one to emerge, would be more like the constrained variety we observe in the West, or more like the purely predatory variety that systematically exploited Somalis between 1969 and the emergence of anarchy in 1991.” – Peter Leeson, 2007.

Development Indicators between 1990 and 2005 of Anarchic Somalia and its Centrally Governed Neighbors:

Parameters                                          Djibouti        Ethiopia       Kenya     Somalia

Life expectancy (years)                          -15.4              +9          -15.6      +5.4

Adult literacy (%)                                      -                  -          +3.7       -20

Infant mortality rate (per 1,000)              +16              +28.5       +7.4      +24.4

Telephone mainlines (per 1,000)            +40                ---         +28.6    +1,150

The above indicators are more than enough to empirically convince the assertive arguments generally commented against Anarchism. This spirit of Anarchism and Capitalism have enabled the absence of draconian red-tapism which further strengthened the economic foundationalism of Anarchic Somalia, whereas the existence of bureaucracy and red-tapism are siphoning off the investment and entrepreneurial environment from Socialist India, thus, the ponzi-debt scheme is escalating in Indian economy making the Indian Government richer and the ‘aam aadmi’ (common-man) poorer.

Moreover, the ‘primacy of Individual rights’ and conscience of eccentricism are laughed upon in Socialist India – thus – now shelling out Somalia a great comparative advantage over centralized and nationalized Indian economy.

Despite of the LPG initiative, in 1991, in India, the economy of India has a long way to go to achieve super-power status. Albeit the standard of living of Indian populace is gradually enriching, but still the income inequality and improper business management are lynching the roots of Indian constitutionality. Therefore, it is advisable for the Socialist India to denounce Social Democracy and structurally adopt Cellular Democracy to anticipatory functionalize either Minarchy or Panarchy for the holistic development of Indian individuals. The great societal delusion over seeking pride in India’s so-called diversified-integrated culture and empathetic altruism must be radically and reasonably questioned, as they are hampering the establishment of Individualism as well as lynching the growth of Indian economy.