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Government: The solution to poverty

NumbMonkE Wednesday July 23, 2014

There is poverty? How to solve it? Through the government, of course!

Here's how:


Forcefully extort a percentage of wealth from every productive people and give poor people "free" money. Fine, kidnap and murder those who refuse to part with their wealth. Hey! They're wealthy, they wouldn't mind, right? People become poor because there is less and less profit for their employer and he can't afford to pay his employees as much as he would otherwise do. That Selfish Prick! That reduces productivity of the organization and eventually lay-offs. Asshole! How dare he not pay from his own wealthy pockets! The media reports a rise in unemployment. Media is good, they tell us stuff. The saviour, the benevolent, the omniscient, the regular people (usually greedy old parasites) who got the power, not by being competent but by being popular, the government steps in! YAY! The government proposes unemployment schemes, but that requires funding so they find new ways to extort from the productive people and the cycle continues. But hey, people are at least getting relief from excessive poverty through free stuff! We're so awesome!


  • Meanwhile*

The scared people who think freedom or innovation is scary make an organization to stop things from scaring them. The government, in an attempt to cater to their insecurities, imposes regulations (read restrictions) on business. Such good people, right? The sacred people feel safe again (*phew* but not for long). This effectively increases the cost of setting up a new business because of all the licensing and permits that have to be obtained. Hey, it's for the good of the people, don't blame us! This also increases the time required to set that business up, again, proving costly to the new entrepreneur. But it's necessary, it scares us that people can do whatever they like with their money. So some just choose to get a job instead as that requires less hassle and risk. So where jobs would have been created more people are now looking for jobs. Unemployment increases and thus poverty. But, the children! Already established businesses discover that they don't have to worry about competition if they just make the government impose enough regulations. They start allocating funds to establish such regulations. Monopolies are established. That's just conspiracy bullshit! Now people start complaining about the wealth disparity among the corporate bigwigs and the average middle class man.How dare anyone have more money than us! The government delivers again through more reactionary measures and more freebies i.e. more regulations and more welfare schemes. Everybody's happy!


Now things are getting expensive, what with the costs of maintaining people's "happiness"(i.e. regulations) and the low profits from productive work due to heavy taxation. So people demand a solution from their savior, the government. And they deliver yet again! They fix the price of commodities so they're available at an affordable price. Everybody rejoices! (... or at least breathe easily... for a while.) Due to this price fixation, more businesses find it difficult to keep up with the costs and reduced profits.Those greedy bastards deserve that! They go out of business. Hundreds are now unemployed, there are no jobs available and there is no way to start a small business without much capital. Commodities keep getting scarce and more expensive. So the people demand that the essential businesses be given money, like they did with the unemployed people. That oughta solve the problem! Subdisies are born! So those who are friends with the government start getting free money while others get caught up in the endless paperwork. You gotsta do it officially! More monopolies...


People realise that the root of all these problems is capitalism. How dare anyone have the luxury of private property when we can't even get a good rent on a flat! They start a movement to stop capitalism. They buy all the billboards and markers and costumes and masks and start protesting against the evil businesses. The government sees the outrage and introduces more regulation and taxation for the rich people. (The regulations apply to small businesses too.) People are relieved that other people can't have excessive money. People should be equal! The newly imposed regulations stiffles more small businesses thus creating a monopolised environment. While the government was taxing those who make more money and "helping" those who can't make enough money, the status quo changed from "the most productive are better off" to "the most parasitic are better off". More an more people start getting on welfare schemes because honest earning aren't enough any more for survival. This paradigm shift changes the whole established natural order. Now more people are dependent on government handouts than are independent. A few business(which are now swollen beyond proportion) control the supply of commodities. The elected officials have all the power in the country to make laws. People are reluctant to oppose the government which they are dependent on. Now the people vote for those who readily promises more handouts. The big business are kept from failing by the government because they are now the only suppliers of commodities and their collapse would mean an economic and social crisis. So the people are now working to keep paying taxes in order to keep the main(and only) suppliers of goods (barely) functioning. Survival is the primary goal of the people who were previously contemplating luxury.  The great human species capable of moving mountains, scaling oceans and exploring the universe is reduced to being parasites. but we wanted everyone to be happy! (and you made everyone a slave)