Indian Libertarians

Disembodied Manipulation

FoolishRisk Monday August 11, 2014



Namuh We disembody.callings off. falling from the top in height.imaginary mind of might the fate of a dynamite. and if we die tonight wouldn't the wrong be right with orgonite equipped with foreign sight while pouring light encrypt in distant hieroglyphs. pissing opposites of myth. only holy to a phony. what you sold me slowly blow me. folding the obstacles to one. dissing from a twisted tongue turn into everything he comes in contact- into dust.



Say your prayer for deceased and least forgiven. mind is spinning like the earth in which im living.

death is given fuck your limit.

Foolish Risk Ill versed. killing the coercion. make the flat line beep just in time for the nurse to see it first. pragmatic; solely serving a purpose. tax addict; the habit slowly preserving its curses. you can't have it. rabbit holes resurface in person. so when you have to try grabbing but you just can't grasp; remember the universe is certain even if you can't fathom, subservient to no man--so none shall pass. i'll never be in the clear, but they're never going to take me. i can run but i can't hide, so keep on chasing. if i fall short of breath, i'll just fly like the next man and hurdle through death defying odds toward the check stand vamped for the sequester. stuck pampering the amateur jesters while professionals sever the heads of kings with a pestering speech. the peasants sense deceit but it's infested with freedom. forget the kingdom. real recognize real til someone reasons with treason. how can you rectify guilt unto a legion of demons? i can exercise knowing secretion would leave me weakened if not for the thoughts processed when i can see true meaning.



What it means to me and what it means to you the two don't compare unless it feeds the truth because if i don't even care what it means to me

why would i need to do what you need me to?