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Why so clingy? (to the government)

NumbMonkE Tuesday August 12, 2014

This kind of a behaviour is so irrational. You cling to a certain thing when it will be better for you to just let go. The religious change religions, fan-boys change to a different product but from the same manufacturers, voters/statists change political affiliations. Even after many failed attempts to get a better outcome they refuse to let go.

"The next one will be perfect."

"The last one was a mistake, they will correct it with the next one."

"But I chose the best they had last time. Surely they won't make the same mistake twice."

How I see it: There is a piece of poop lying on the floor in your house. So you buy an air freshener. Doesn't work. You buy a different air freshener. Doesn't work either. So you buy yet another air freshener. Now, Instead of actually cleaning the place and getting rid of the cause of the problem, you waste resources in trying really hard to remedy the symptoms or live with it. Every time someone suggests that you clean it, you come up with some excuse to defend your behavior. Let it be like the way it is. You say:

"That's extremist! Just because the last air freshener didn't work doesn't mean the next one won't."


"I kinda like the smell of the air freshener now. I'm addicted to it. If I got rid of the shit then I wouldn't have any reason to buy that air freshener."


"Me buying those air fresheners keeps the air freshener business going. If I stopped buying them then people who work in the air freshener business would loose jobs. I cannot let that happen."

Years pass by and you still haven't fixed the problem. You are still waiting for the next innovation in air freshener technology. You have become attached to that piece of poop in your house. Is it rational to behave like this?

Just let go!