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History Repeats

FoolishRisk Thursday October 23, 2014

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Once upon a time the risk was ruled by the ancients ripping through the mazes made indifferent fools of the age. kept a distance from the rich you all said was sacred. making masses look more predictable by the phase. Right away I hide inside your broken trace of space But only time will tell how long it takes me to last in your place before I crumble. May I ask the whisperer to mutter solidarity? Just so I can stumble into a certain clarity's tunnel? Scarcity puddles made the muzzle wise Till I saw the embarrassment coming from the subtle ties of the lies And sputter rhymes like the plunderers demise verbalized. Murderers of sick children deserve to die But who will further my despise for a racist. Fuck equality cuz nobody's evasive enough to face it. Replacing definitions with the meaning of your emotions So I can expose them over low quotients I hold no connection to most the living though they're all a bit different. I feel like only few existing are consistent. Yet we all strive but only some of us thrive The numbers divide cuz they won’t come to provide facts Like the sun wont disguise itself unless it has to. Just like you won’t reply to help until it smacks you. Since some of us are impervious to light because the synapse you won’t notice; I've been nice enough to bad words they actually focus. Tactfully mastered the ropes still won’t adapt to the hopeless. After pastured beats come in laughter approaches Like calamity coaches captured the task you were chosen for Left you closing store faster than a honed sword goin passed You hear the sound barrier carry us round here we don't care If you sound scary just fairy dust to wary mugs. But tear it up, if you're not scared of a puppet then rip the subject. Kick the bucket pick it up again and love it. Smell the pungent repugnant mummified puppets rip for nothin They just wanted you to be aware of what’s about to come in. You hear the government rumblin: no win for no one until we all win something.


Once upon a time the rich was fooled by the anxious. Ripping through the pages paid indifferent rules covered grey. Kept a distance from the risk they pretend was vanquished. Fake facets look more cylindrical by the waste.